Contemporary Acts

Aerial Bartenders

Our aerial bartenders provide a champagne service for cocktail hours which will have your guests feeling bubbly.

Stilt Walkers

LED Stilt Walkers are a unique way to provide a show involving a multitude of colours and dynamic effects on brightly coloured themes.

Aerial Dancers

Art from above. Watch these acrobats take to the air and perform dazzling falls and twirls that are sure to create a few gasps.

Living Red Carpet

Give your guests the ultimate VIP treatment by having them walk the red carpet greeted by our Lady in Red!

Fire Dancers

Add some fire to the night. Our fire dancers put together a spectacle with their abilities to play with fire

LED Dancers

Wow guests at your event with cutting edge, exciting entertainment in the form of our wonderfully modern LED dancers.

Live Band

Our live band can perform all your favourite styles of music from rock to bollywood. Create your own personal concert.


Live Violinist who will play all your favorites. Just send us a list of your music and hear her captivate your guests as they arrive to your personal playlist.


Let our saxophonist captivate your guests as they arrive to your personal playlist performed in sweet jazz flavours.